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The solver comprises fast algorithms for unlimited 1D & 2D multi-layer gratings in classical & conical mount based on RCWA, C-method and Rayleigh-Fourier method. Moreover, roughness & irregularity modeling in preparation (please contact if interested).

Nearfield Simulation of a metallic grating                                                                                                          Multilayer Stack by Unigit


  • Scatterometry Software

    NEW: LER & LWR Modeling


                    L/S grating with LER                                                               Diffracted (strong peaks) and scattered light in the reflection hemisphere (s- & p-polarisation)

    1. Standard Ellipsometric and Reflectometric Scatterometry


    Simulation vs. Measurement for a photoresist L/S grating on BARC/Si at 70.6° incidence.

    2. Mueller Ellipsometry & Scatterometry/p>


    Mueller Ellipsometry for Sub-Micro Patterns - Simulation vs. Measurement for a photoresist L/S grating on BARC/Si.

    All measurements have been done by Sentech Instruments/ Berlin/ Germany.

  • Photolithography Simulation Software 


  • Cross Section of a EUV-Mask with a defect beneath the multi-layer stack.

  • Modeled aerial image for the EUV mask of the previous picture with the lateral offset of the defect relative to the absorber as a parameter.